About Wind Baffles

First, why is there a need for wind baffles on a ductless mini split air conditioning or heat pump system?  Most all ductless mini split product lines need baffles when the outdoor unit is installed in an area where there is a greater potential for  moderate wind.  A very common area is when a system is installed on a roof top.  By installing a wind baffle it will help by:
  • Increasing the system's reliability in cold and windy days
  • Stopping the fan from turning in the wrong direction on start up
  • Reducing snow and ice from accumulating on the fan and grill
  • Increasing system efficiency
  • Helping maintain steady indoor temperatures
  • Increasing extended range performance at low outdoor temperatures commonly used in computer server and equipment rooms
  • Reducing defrost cycling

A few companies offer a wind baffle  for specific models, however their design is somewhat flawed in our opinion.  The most common wind baffle  is for the front or discharge side of the unit and is just a flat plate on the front and has open sides.  This design  may work ok when the wind is blowing straight onto the unit, however if the wind is blowing at an angle then a large portion of the wind can still get through into the unit, thus reducing the overall effectiveness of the baffle.  Their  baffles are made of metal and come in one large unit  or have several panels riveted or spot welded and painted.

Our Wind Baffles are made of a high quality impact resistant clear polycarbonate.  They look great, have superior performance and are easy to install.  Most of our baffles come in a 3 piece design for easy installation and smaller shipping box.  Our design  has solid side panels that block the wind from any direction.

See the illustration below:

Wind effect on ductless mini split units with baffles



By using our wind baffles as an air diverter, you have the opportunity to place units closer to each other saving space and keeping groupings of units in a more manageable installation.  Check with your product's manufacturer for guidance.


Wind Baffles used as air divertersSanden using our baffles as air divertersSanden systems using our baffles as air diverters