1. Open the box and inspect contents
  2. Read thoroughly and follow the instructions included in your baffle kit
  3. Do not remove the protective film or open the hardware package.  Returns will not be accepted if protective film is removed or hardware package is opened.
  4. Remove the top of the unit and inspect the unit to make sure there will be no contact with the coil or wires with the mounting screws.
  5. Check the fit on your unit by holding up the left side panel and place against the unit and mark the desired mounting location.
  6. Measure the width to make sure the baffle will fit properly.
  7. Mark the two top mounting holes on each side panel.
  8. Using the provided self drilling screws, drill the top two holes.
  9. Remove all protective film.
  10. Install the top or outer panel to the side panels using the provided fasteners following the instructions provided. 
  11. Install the assembled wind baffle to the unit by fastening the top two screws first then install the remaining screws as required.

(Note: You will find it easier to install the side panels on the unit for style (B) baffles first then install the grill and then the top or outer panel last.)